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littlejunkettes: Will you suggest a good product for drawing on eyebrows? I have very light ginger brows that are sparse and I can't afford anything above 20$ on the norm. I'm sick of using Maybelline's brow/liner pencils because they dry out way too fast and cake up. There is an Ulta a few miles from my town, btw but I don't want to waist money on a brow product just to test it out (and most likely be disappointed). Thank you in advance and I'm sorry if you've already answered this question for someone else.


I think Anastasia makes the best brow products - particularly the brow pomade. The pencils are great but I go through them quite quickly. It’s in your budget and you can also find an ULTA coupon for money off super quickly. I have also used the NYX Cake Powder for years with a Real Techniques brow brush and have been very happy with that, too. It’s about $6. I don’t use the wax in the palette because it makes me break out though. Just the powder.